Welcome to the world of Sapore di Casa, Fine Italian Food Distributor

We are a leading Italian company based in Miami FL with the passion for Quality foods, who’s funders are experts in the field of gourmet import/export and fine dining restaurants. We have combined our passion and knowledge to create Sapore di Casa.

Our core values revolve around honesty, professionalism, and quality, therefore we take pride in meeting and exceed our customers expectations, offering them only the best products on the market in a tailored and friendly way.
Our company is responsible for selecting and exporting a wide range of gourmet food products, in temperature controlled environments in order to maintain the highest level of freshness and deliver to your table the true taste of Italy.

Our main customers are hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, catering and anyone with a refined palate who enjoys fresh quality foods delivered to their door.
Our customers can request customized orders without any quantity limits and get it delivered in a very short time. Our quality is all Italian, therefore we guarantee the value of our products and their uniqueness, carefully selecting products with the highest levels of certifications such as DOC, DOCG, DOP, and IGT.